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Save money and help the environment – switch to energy saving lighting

“Up to 40% of a building’s electricity use is accounted for by lighting, while the right level and quality of light improves the alertness and accuracy of those working in it.” www.carbontrust.com/resources/guides/energy-efficiency/lighting

It makes good business sense to reduce your energy usage.

It saves money, it enhances your reputation and it reduces your carbon emissions – and that means you’re playing your part in helping the environment.

Light quality has an important influence on performance, health and wellbeing in the workplace so it’s vital to consider the needs of your workforce if you’re considering changing your lighting source.

Obviously, daylight is the best kind of light and it’s free. But many workplaces have to balance the available daylight with some form of artificial lighting.

LED is the most energy efficient and kindest form of lighting you can install

The bulbs last longer than any others – according to the Energy Saving Trust up to 50,000 hours – and they are often integrated into the light fixture so there is no lamp replacement.

LED lighting is extremely adaptable and can change to reflect the time of day, aiding people who use computer screens and improving general efficiency in the workplace.

We have strong ties to a photometric testing laboratory specialising in LED testing and as an approved installer, we offer advice to many of their clients.

So we have a superb knowledge of the latest LEDs on the market – we know which ones are good and which are poor – and we have a great understanding of how to use them to give the best effect for your premises.

More and more shops, bars and restaurants are switching to LED lighting to give the ‘wow’ factor and save money on their energy consumption.

One of our customers – a haulage company – switched to LED lighting and reduced its electricity bill from £35,000 to £12,000 a year!

We’ve been involved in the installation of LED lighting for many different businesses, including a £1.2m lighting design and installation scheme for a large cold store facility so we are experienced in helping our customers reduce their energy consumption and their carbon footprint.

And we have experience in installing lighting, including mood control LED lighting, for retail outlets, restaurants, bars and clubs.

We also install LED lamp posts for car parks and public areas.

Why not take advantage of a survey to see how much you could save each year?

We’ll look at what you currently use and make recommendations that will help you switch to energy saving lighting in the most cost-effective way.

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