External Lighting

Cost-effective external lighting solutions for businesses of all sizes

Depending on your budget and your needs, we can offer cost-effective inside and outside lighting solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We specialise in outdoor lighting systems for leisure centres that have a variety of sports pitches and gymnasiums – these are complex projects where there is a need for different lighting levels depending on which sport is being played.

We worked alongside Sport England to transform the external lighting at Lilleshall, the award-winning National Centre of Excellence for many top sportsmen and women.

But we also work for companies that have warehouses, office buildings and industrial sites where outdoor and motion sensor lighting is a must for security.

LED lighting uses less energy than traditional lighting so is far cheaper to run. In fact, you’re likely to benefit from an energy saving of around 300W per hour for each bulb replaced with LED so it will reduce your costs dramatically.

Lighting can account for up to 50% of a company’s energy costs

With any external lighting project, we can design a cost-efficient system that will meet your requirements and save you money as well as improving your security and the overall look of your premises.

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