Solar PV

Generate your own electricity with Solar PV

Solar PV helps you reduce your energy requirements, your costs and your carbon emissions. And when you connect to the grid, you’ll also get paid for producing your own electricity.

The larger the system, the more electricity you’ll be able to generate, so it’s an ideal solution if you have a warehouse or storage facility with a large roof.

You get paid for the energy you produce. You get paid for the energy you export to the National Grid. Plus your energy bills will be lower because you’re generating your own electricity!

Any electricity you generate, over and above what you use, can be sold back to the grid to provide a tax-free second income for your business.

A Solar PV system will generally start to pay for itself after five years – and because it uses the light from the sun, rather than the heat, you can generate electricity even on a cloudy day.

We offer a free inspection of your premises that will allow us to assess the viability of installation, the cost, and of course, your projected savings and earnings once you’ve switched to Solar PV.

The benefits of installing Solar PV

  • Your energy bills will go down
  • You’ll get paid for the electricity you generate and export
  • You’ll reduce your impact on the environment
  • Solar PV is modular so it can be designed to fit any size or shape of roof.

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