Vehicle Charging

Charging points for electric vehicles

More people are switching to electric vehicles (EVs). This includes growing numbers of local authorities and public sector organisations that are providing green fleets for their drivers.

So in the very near future we’re going to see more electric vehicle charging points – in car and caravan parks, at hotels, airports and motorway services, as well as at private homes.

New developments will soon also be required to provide charging points – some planning authorities in London are already stipulating that at least 10% of parking at new developments should be designated as electric charging parking bays and a further 10% must have the cabling in place, ready to install a charging point in the future.

We supply and install both commercial and domestic vehicle charging units.

Charging points must meet all the requirements of the UK Standard for Electric Vehicle Charging.

The units must have CE certification and be approved for all makes of cars. Plus they must incorporate a mechanism that locks the plug into the socket and a communication module that monitors the power and detects when the battery is full.

For domestic properties, we can install wall or ground pole mounted, single or double outlet charging units that can easily charge your EV when it’s parked overnight.

You might be eligible for a grant or funding towards the purchase and installation of a car charging point. We can help you find out.

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